Mastering 360° HDR | TC Montague


Do you want to become a Master of HDR and create high quality 360° HDR Panoramas?  Have you ever tried to produce a 360° HDR Panorama and found yourself unsatisfied with the final Photo? Do you struggle with finding the right software settings or fail to get consistent results?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this series is for YOU.

During the creation of my Mastering HDR series I tried to imagine what my workflow instruction might look like if I could go back in time, and give a clear and polished workflow to my past self.  I wondered where my skill level might be at if I could condense years of painful lessons, software experimentation, and technique development, into a tutorial that included a decade’s worth of practice.

You can preview Part 1 of TC’s Mastering 360° HDR

Traditional HDR Photography from a single angle is quite challenging, but in comparison a Panoramic Photographer might face a 12 angle 5 stop bracketed HDR capture, or more. Often captured over the course of several minutes. This Panoramic Photographer would be dealing with 60 photographs, with 5 different exposures, that all need to be combined into a single Panorama.  My workflow deals directly with this challenge by utilizing a process I’ve created called “HDR Stacking”.  HDR Stacking will allow you to eliminate the unwanted image artifacts found in HDR, and it will remove Ghosting that is a result from movement in-between exposures.  Creating a 360° scene with High Dynamic Range and Exceptional clarity.

The goal of this series is to save you from years of needless mistakes, frustration, and the challenges that you will face when working with 360° HDR.  This series also includes an HOUR of one on one instruction, where I offer suggestions to improving your Photo even further.  So if you are ready to take your Panoramic Photography to the next level be sure to get this MASTERING HDR series, and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn HDR from a true MASTER.

TC’s course outline for Mastering 360° HDR is located below.


TC takes you through his Panoramic Photography Equipment covering the tripod, pano head, lens, camera, and bracketing.  TC also discusses the pro’s and con’s of a Fisheye lens vs Rectilinear lens, and provides image stability tips.

In PART 2 

TC covers his stitching workflow, and guides you through exporting your bracketed exposure set through Photolab, and stitching instruction through PTGui.


TC covers Mastering Color and Light through the process of tone mapping with software Photomatix and HDR Expose.  Here you will learn to utilize the available color and light information in your photograph.


TC discusses a technique he calls HDR Stacking, in this episode he unites the lessons from Part 2 and Part 3 together in a perfect 360° High Dynamic Range Photograph.  Here you will learn TC’s method for eliminating ghosting, and all image imperfections.