Introducing the Teleport Pass.

What if I could give you the ability to TELEPORT to distant and mysterious destinations, instantly, on your favorite digital device? Where would you go, what would you see, and what might you learn from your journey?  If you’ve ever dreamed of possessing this technology, I’ve created the Teleport Pass specifically for YOU.

You can access all of the incredible locations found on THE GRID with our Platinum Pass. Experience highly realistic and immersive destinations on our platform. Every destination on THE GRID can be explored in virtual reality on a wide range of digital devices.  With support for modern smartphones, tablets, computers and VR Headsets, all you need is a Teleport Pass and passes start at just $5.

Platinum Pass (1 month)

Access to all VIRTUAL content

Access to THE GRID & SHOP


For $5 you receive full access to THE GRID along with our Community, & Shop.
Platinum Pass (1 year)

Access to all VIRTUAL content

Access to THE GRID & SHOP


For $49 you receive full access to THE GRID along with our Community, & Shop.
Platinum Pass (Lifetime)

Access to all VIRTUAL content

Access to THE GRID & SHOP


For $299 you will receive full access to THE GRID along with our Community, & Shop . 

Dreams of Teleportation

I can trace back my dreams of creating a form of “Teleportation” to my childhood in Idaho, during the 1980’s. Imagine if you will, a blue eyed, curly haired, freckle-faced kid, in front of an IBM 286, with some great Sci-Fi of the 80’s playing in the background. That kid is me (TC). I spent countless days and nights learning how to use our family’s first computer, the IBM 286. The 286 and I had an immediate connection, I instantly recognized and respected the power/potential I was interacting with. I remember teaching my family and friends how to use “DOS” (Disk Operating System before Window’s 1.0) and this new device we all called a “PC“.

Watching AWESOME 80’s TV shows like Star Trek introduced me to the “Holodeck“, where the concept of a digital/virtual space was visualized for me. I identified with movies like TRON because they helped me imagine my own VIRTUAL UNIVERSE, the very one that I would go on to create here at ZENIX VR.

When you first step inside the VIRTUAL DESTINATIONS found on THE GRID, you will hear from our AI Narator Arthur. Arthur is your Virtual Guide on THE GRID. I’ve been working with Arthur and his speech for the past year now, and I selected him for his warm, kind, and informative manner of speaking. He is quite remarkable, and I hope you love him as much as I do.

I’ve built the framework for a modern DIGITAL UTOPIA here at ZENIX VR, by making our platform Ad Free,  with no 3rd party data collection, and I’ve created this place to be accessible across nearly all digital devices.

Cross-Platform Support and NO APP to download.

We set out to make Virtual Reality accessible to everyone regardless of platform. That is why our experiences are designed and coded to work across nearly all modern digital devices. With cross-platform support you can be sure that the destinations on THE GRID are custom tailored for your specific device.

Travel to destinations virtually on THE GRID with your VR Headset.

ZENIX Inc. uses a web technology known as WEBVR to deliver a virtual experience to your VR Headset. This web technology allows you to experience the virtual destinations on THE GRID in a variety of modern VR devices. Simply load our website from a WEBVR compatible browser to begin teleporting to destinations on THE GRID.

The Shop features signature Limited Edition Prints by TC.

Our SHOP features Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs by Terry Christopher Montague. This incredible print below was created with images captured at the Palace of Fine Arts, in San Francisco. This one of a kind photo is printed right here at ZENIX Inc., to guarantee the highest degree of image precision and color accuracy. All orders include a certificate of authenticity, and your exclusive print number.

Tutorials by TC Montague.

Created for Panoramic Photographers, TC shares his exclusive process of creating a High Dynamic Range Panoramas in his latest tutorial Mastering 360° HDR. TC’s instructional tutorial is a complete guide, with his in-camera settings, software settings, equipment instruction, and his software workflow. Featuring his exclusive Technique for eliminating all image imperfections called “HDR Stacking“.

Join US in The Community.

Platinum Pass holders receive additional access to our Community platform. The Community is a fully featured social platform, where members can take part in the evolution of ZENIX VR and the one of a kind experience that we offer here.

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